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Country Living Basic Grain Mill
 $429.00  $409.00 

Aqua Rain 402 Basic Gravity Water Filter
 $239.00  $229.00 
EBOOK Do-It-Yourself Emergency Preparedness
EBOOK Do-It-Yourself Emergency Preparedness
 $15.00  $12.00 

Aqua Rain 402 Combo
 $297.00  $287.00 
Do-It-Yourself Emergency Preparedness (6-pack)
Do-It-Yourself Emergency Preparedness (6-pack)
 $99.75  $75.00 
Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook
Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook
 $29.95  $26.95 

1 Month Preparedness Pack
 $507.00  $407.00 

72 Hour BackPack
 $130.00  $120.00 
Gourmet Supreme 45-Day
Gourmet Supreme 45-Day
 $765.00  $665.00 

Aqua Rain 404 Basic Gravity Water Filter
 $299.00  $289.00 
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Do It Yourself Emergency Preparedness
AquaRain Water Filter


We would like to help you create your own emergency preparedness plan.  It is not hard.  Everyone drives around with a spare tire because flat tires do happen.  It is so much easier to deal with a flat tire when you have a spare with you in the car.

Your preparedness plan is your spare tire. 
Emergencies do happen.  Earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, power outages, swine flu pandemics, war, terrorism, economic hard times.  With foresight, a major disaster doesn’t have to be the end of the world. 

Gather up what you will need in an emergency, ahead of time while the supplies are readily available.  Think now, before the emergency, “what will I need to take care of myself in the event an emergency occurs. Gather up these items and you will be assured of surviving any emergency in greater comfort than if you are caught unprepared

Thinking about these things ahead of time is the key.  Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to think in the midst of a crisis.  In the midst of a crisis is the time for action.  Before the crisis is the time for the thinking. 

AquaRain Water Filters

Having a gravity water filter could easily save your life!  Storing water can really be a bother and it is difficult to predict how much water you will need in an emergency.  Any water source, including swimming pools, water beds, and ponds that are within walking distance of your home can be used for your source water.  Pour water to be filtered into the top and get drinkable water out the spigot at the bottom.

AlpineAire Food

During an emergency is not the time you want to be hungry or have hungry children.  AlpineAire food is unique because AlpineAire has many delicious entrees that require no cooking.  Just add water, hot or even cold to rehydrate. This is important for the first days of an emergency when you may not have the time or the opportunity to cook.

Country Living Grain Mills

Why do so many people store mostly grains and beans in their emergency food storage?  Grains and beans have the longest shelf life of any food; they will last almost indefinitely in their whole state. However, the best, most efficient way to use these same grains and beans, corn, etc. is to grind them into flour, meal or a cracked cereal consistency. Country Living Grain mill is the best, non electric mill on the market.


Having sufficient light when you need it during an emergency is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  There is no guarantee that an emergency will occur during the daylight hours.  Having a variety of candles, kerosene lamps and wind-up or shake-up flashlights in your home is simple to accomplish and will make perhaps one of the biggest differences in surviving an emergency comfortably.