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Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook
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EBOOK Do-It-Yourself Emergency Preparedness
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Gourmet Supreme 45-Day
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Fuel Stabilizers

The quality of our fuel is something that most people take for granted. In the past, fuel would last as much as a year without any ill effects. This meant that the consumer could count on the fuel maintaining its quality at least until it was purchased at the pumps. Today, however this is not the case. One oil company survey reports that more than half of all gasoline sold today is substandard.

Not only does fuel quality affect our cars, it affects any other engine we use. If you have a back-up generator to insure you will always have electricity, you need to be able to count on it starting consistently. Approximately 70 percent of all back-up generator failures are fuel related. This is due to heat, moisture and time, factors that all contribute to the oxidative process. Oxidation causes fuel to develop gum, resin and varnish. Fresh fuel can go bad in just a matter of weeks.

There is a good solution to these problems. The solution is to treat your fuel with a high quality fuel preservative. PRI Fuel Stabilizer industrial-grade products are engineered for insuring the stability of diesel, gasoline and kerosene. The original formulas were developed for refineries more than 50 years ago for bulk fuel storage and today, ongoing research has developed optimum formulas that can extend the life of today's modern fuels for years at a time. PRI-D preservative for diesel and PRI-G preservative for gasoline, have also demonstrated their ability to restore stale fuels to a refinery fresh condition.

The key to PRI Fuel Stabilizer chemistry is a proprietary, enhanced thermal stability chemistry. This unique chemistry is simply not available in the consumer type additives you'll see at auto parts stores and marine and RV supply outfits. Many of these products have been independently tested and not surprisingly, the majority of these stabilizers do little or nothing to preserve fuels. Some even make the fuel worse. PRI is the most effective chemistry available in the world today.